Steel Knife Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades Cutting Thin PE Film ISO9001

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: ZHIJING
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: OD 80 mm
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Price: Price is negotiable
Packaging Details: All of our products are carefully packed. We will chose suitable packaging box for the products: foam box, carton, wooden case to protect the products from shipping damages
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Month
Condition: New Type: Industrial Knife
Material: HSS Certificate: ISO9001
Material2: Tungsten Carbide Steel Wear Resistance: HIGH
Sharpness: 18-30N Hardness: 70-90 HRC
Advantage: Perfect High Cutting Efficiency Precision: ±0.02mm
Key Words: Pneumatic Slitting Knife Port: SHANGHAI
High Light:

carbide slitting cutters


corrugated blade

Circular Round Slitter Blades and Knives for Cutting Thin PE film Tungsten Carbide Steel knife



 1. Blanking  Selecting material according the customers' request.
 2. Forging  Increasing the density of the material.
 3. Tempering  Lowering temperature for processing.
 4. Finishing machining  Making the material shaped
 5. Inspection  Checking the products if they are the same as the drawing.
 6. Hardening  Increasing the hardness of products and the material.
 7. Annealing  To incrase abrasion resistance, need to anneal thermal insulation for  long time.
 8. Hardening and tempering  Hardening and tempering the parallel of products for processing.
 9. Coarse grinding  Coarse grinding the surface of products to be shaped.
 10. Accurate grinding  Supergrinding to incrase the precision and the parallel of products.
 11. Testing  Refusing the unqualified products into the market.
 12. Packaging  Different products, different packaging


Blades' sizes


Φ64* Φ38*1.2
Φ64* Φ40*1.0
Φ70* Φ45*1.2
Φ80* Φ60*1.5
Φ90* Φ60*1.5
Φ100* Φ35*1.2
Φ100* Φ70*1.2
Φ100* Φ75*1.2
Φ105* Φ70*1.2
Φ105* Φ66*1.2
Φ105* Φ70*1.5
Φ105* Φ75*1.2
Φ105* Φ81*1.2
Φ110* Φ70*1.2
Φ110* Φ75*1.2
Φ118* Φ80*1.2
Φ120* Φ80*1.2
Φ130* Φ85*1.2
Φ140* Φ90*1.2
Φ140* Φ100*1.2
Φ150* Φ75*1.2
Φ150* Φ90*1.2
Φ180* Φ70*3.0
Φ190* Φ75*4.0



Steel Knife Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades Cutting Thin PE Film ISO9001 0



Steel Knife Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades Cutting Thin PE Film ISO9001 1


             Zhijing Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is manufacturing all kinds of industrial blades, knives,


seal jaw sets, bag forming sets and accessories, that are used in packaging industry, paper industry, plastic industry,


steel industry, food industry, medical industry, tobacco industry and other industrial usages.


These parts are produced according to drawings, product samples or specially developed by our engineers.


Due to the use of high quality materials and good workmanship, we are able to realize major lifetime improvements


and reduce machine downtime for our customers.


In addition, our products have short delivery times with high reliability. Off-the-shelf or customized products are available


from us with the highest quality in China. In many cases we surpass the quality, delivery time and lifespan expectations


of our customers.


Steel Knife Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades Cutting Thin PE Film ISO9001 2Steel Knife Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades Cutting Thin PE Film ISO9001 3

Material grade list
Chinese Grade Equal to ISO Category Number chemical Physical mechanical properties Application
WC Co Density Bend Strength Hardness
% % g/Cm3 N/mm2 HRA
YG3 K01 96.5-97 3 14.9-15.3 ≥1180 ≥91.0 It is suitable for the finishing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, alloys and non-metallic materials, and semi-finishing vehicles for intermittent cutting.
YG6X K10 93.5 6 14.8-15.1 ≥1420 ≥92 Finishing of chilled hard alloy cast iron and heat resistant alloy steel and ordinary cast iron
YG6 K20 94 6 14.7-15.1 ≥1600 ≥91 Cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials, medium to cutting, semi-finishing and finishing.
YG8 K20-K30 92 8 14.5-14.9 ≥1600 ≥90 Suitable for casting of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials.
YG10 K40 90 10 14.3-14.7 ≥1900 ≥89 It is used for large batch production and has excellent strength and toughness.
YG10X K40 89 10 14.3-14.7 ≥2200 ≥89.5 Suitable for small diameter micro drills, end mills, rotary boring tools, etc.
YG15 K30 85 15 13.9-14.2 ≥2100 ≥87 Forging, perforating and stamping tools for steel bars and steel tubes with high compression ratios and working under large stresses
YG20 K30 80 20 13.4-13.7 ≥2500 ≥85.5 Stamping die, stamping watch parts, musical instrument spring piece;
YG20C K40 80 20 13.4-13.7 ≥2200 ≥82 Production of standard parts, bearings, tools and other industries for cold heading, cold punching, cold pressing die, warhead to the shell of the stamping die
YG30   70 30 12.75 ≥2500 ≥82.8 High toughness




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